How to apply

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Entry for the Flywire Challenge in Singapore and fill out the information below.  Your application must be submitted by email to by 5 p.m. Singapore time on July 20, 2018

Your name(s):

Proposed name of business:

Name of main contact:

Email address of main contact:

Phone number of main contact:

Please attach a powerpoint presentation of no more than 12 slides which address the following:

  • Describe your solution, innovation, or product.  What problem does it seek to address?

  • What is your business model?  How will your business make money?

  • What is the market need?  Who are your clients?

  • How will your business impact the relevant sector (health, education, travel)?

  • What resources of the SP Jain School of Global Management would you seek to leverage for your business?

  • Describe who you are as the founders, and the role(s) you will play in the business.

Submit your application by 5 p.m. Singapore time on July 20, 2018.

By submitting your application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Entry.